rwc speakers

ICS Rear Wave Control

Architectual Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers

Redefining Moment

ICS redefines the home listening experience with uncompromising aesthetics and audiophile sound reproduction. The Rear Wave Control Ceiling-Mount Loudspeakers offer features such as low profile frames and grilles that can blend with virtually any décor. The unique Rear Wave Control Enclosure adds consistant high-performance sound in a wide range of applications, including high-end home theater. And each speaker is backed by a lifetime guarantee so you can be sure they are built to last.

Product Manual Catalog 
RWC Speakers Manual Catalog
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Product Spec
RWC7.3 Image Specs
RWC7.5 Image Specs
RWC7.7 Image Specs
RWC7FX Image Specs
RWC7SI Image Specs
RWC8.5 Image Specs
RWC8.7 Image Specs
RWC8FX Image Specs